Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bedroom Prompt

Darkness filled the room. Left and right you could see nothing. Although it was pitch black in the room, a sudden vibration rang through the room. It filled the room with sudden noise. Then a rapid light began flashing, almost as if it was a SOS from someone, but instead it was a phone. It rang and rang as if it needed attention until, an unexpected silence. After a couple minutes, the room started to brighten little by little. Then you can make out a desk and computer, which was just sitting there waiting to be used. Next, you can make out a shelf hanging on the wall stacked with books of every kind, followed by a TV hanging on the wall. Now the room was filled with a brilliant light bouncing off the white walls just illuminating the room. You could see the white covers on the bed that just lay there with no one on it. Then one after the other everything started to ring. First the alarm clock buzzed, next came the phone again, after that an iPod started playing music so loud that you could hear the bass clearly, as if someone was walking up the stairs. Everything was just going haywire with no one to stop it. Sounds of every kind filled the air and roamed the room but never left, as if it were trapped. Suddenly the door slammed open and a man walks in. He angrily shuts off all the electronics to create a peaceful silence. After everything is shut off, he sighs in relief then leaves the room. You can tell that this is no ordinary room.

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